Tropical Decor – 4 Tips for Diving Into This Hot Trend

As you may have already heard, tropical decor is completely on trend right now. Exotic colors and textures reminiscent of a picturesque oasis have been rapidly growing in popularity.

If you are wondering how to enjoy this trend without going overboard, the key is keeping your decor simple and sophisticated. To avoid creating a room fit for Tarzan, consider following the four tips below.

1. Embrace Bold Prints

Although tropical looks can be bold and loud, it does not mean they need to be tacky or overdone. An iconic example of this point is the banana leaf wallpaper found at the Beverly Hills Hotel that has also found its way into pricey restaurants and celebrity homes.

This luxurious print has spawned countless recreations in the form of decor, fabric, and wallpaper.

Aside from the popular banana leaf print, you can also try a luxe green leaf design.
Bold, oversized tropical leaves can turn your room into a luxurious, elegant jungle oasis. Choosing designs in realistic green shades will prevent your room from taking on a tacky vibe.

It is also important to carefully consider where you apply it. Bold patterns are best received in small doses so smaller areas such as entryways, accent walls, or powder rooms provide an excellent space for utilizing it. If you are especially hesitant to commit to it, there are countless removable wallpaper designs that allow you to test the tropical feel before you are completely stuck with it.

2. Take Advantage of the Proper Accessories

One of the key factors in creating a balanced atmosphere is adding the appropriate accessories. To keep your space from feeling like an actual jungle, consider contrasting bold prints with metals, such as brass, that have an industrial feel.

Whereas gold can easily cause the decor to veer into true jungle territory and take away from the sophistication of the room, industrials metals create a modern, fresh, tasteful appeal. Excellent areas to accessorize with brass include faucets, side tables, mirrors, and other small accents.

3. Go Beyond Banana Leaf Prints

If you are hesitant to dive into bold designs, you can still achieve a tropical feel in a more understated way with grass-cloth wallpaper.

This 70’s standby is regaining popularity due to its versatility that allows it to work well with a wide range of looks, including tropical.

Grass-cloth wallpaper can work well in any room but it is best suited to dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Consider adding accents in vivid hues such as blues or coral reds to create a breezy, elegant vibe.

In addition to banana leaf prints and grass-cloth wallpaper, faux stone panels can increase the jungle vibe by adding a hint of nature.

4. Never Underestimate the Power of Plants

Plants are a surefire way to ensure your space has a tropical, lush appeal. As a bonus, plants help detoxify and purify the air and create a fresh, inviting atmosphere.

Plants with large leaves are excellent options to consider to maximize the jungle vibe in your space. Indoor rubber plants with blackish-green leaves create a graphic, modern, sophisticated feel.

Consider hanging a group of staghorn ferns along a wall for a tropical alternative to a gallery wall.